Gondia Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital has a mission to encourage its pupil to follow ethical homoeopathy. Our doctors have the same commitment with themselves. We conduct health camps in rural areas so that the people will get medical attention at their door step. In this way we provide easy access for them. Our students will be open to every pockats of society. They will know the ground reality which can help them in many ways. It helps to develop the social ethics in them.
     Students have high moral standards to tackle with the people outside. They are the remedial instruments for their patients.
     Institution also promotes Culture of participative management. We involve students in almost all programmes organized by the institution. We encourage them to make their own plans for particular programme and also manage it till the end. We also involve students in decision making process.
     Institution also encourages some social activities such as Cleanliness Drive, Plantation Programme etc. we encourage leadership skills and team work.
    Institution also promotes adolescent education programmes for rural urban sectors. Awareness Programmes for menstrual Hygiene and different communicable & Non- Communicable disease.
     Institution strengthens and brings up the rural community to the main stream of nations growth through health education.
    Gondia Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital aims at improving quality of life by improving both mental and physical life style. A wellness clinic has been introduced in the campus to promote mental and social health.
      The Mission of the institution is Dare to be wise have courage for your conviction which urges all homoeopaths associated with the college to carry on the mission of Curing the sick dedicatedly.
      Institution believes that a healthy environment in the hospital with a positive mindset of all staff members in necessary for the smooth running of the institution.