Anatomy is preclinical subject for first year B.H.M.S. course. It deals with structures of Human body. It is basic subject for medical course. With knowledge of Anatomy student can learn the clinical subjects like Obst & Gynaecology, Surgery & Medicine.

     Our department of Anatomy is well equipped, facilities for dissection of human body are available. During dissection the well dissected part are kept for demonstration in future such specimens are displayed in the museum of Anatomy.


     Anatomy department unique specimen are prepared & kept in the museum, which are prepared during dissection, like mediastinum, dry soft part like duramatter section of heart, diaphragm (Respiratory) etc.


     In Biochemistry department microscopic structure of different organs & tissues are taught. The department is provided with adequate Histological slides and charts for demonstration. Large dissection hall is provided with two cadaver tanks, Basin with hand wash, adequate water supply, exhaust Fans & Light facilities. Adequate teaching material is available, specimens, models, charts & diagnosis are available in the department, Different methods are practiced for teachings lectures, practical’s, tutorials, clinics, discussion, audiovisual aid & seminar presentation etc.


Dr. N.R. Thape

Associate Professor & HOD