Program Outcomes Program Specific Outcomes And Course Outcomes For BHMS Program

Program outcomes program specific outcomes and course outcomes for BHMS Program

Program Outcomes (PO) for Homoeopathic Graduates

  1. Basic objectives of education and training in a Homoeopathic institution is to prepare a competent Homoeopathic Physician who is capable of functioning independently and effectively under Rural and Urban set ups.
  2. Knowledge: Students should able to apply the fundamental Principles of Homoeopathy, vital concepts of susceptibility and symptomatology.
  3. Skills of Analysis-Evaluation, correlating between Theory of Chronic diseases and the Patho - Physiological process. A graduate should able to know the spectrums of various diseases in correlation with miasmatic manifestations. He will be able to use a well concluded evaluation order of Characteristics to derived and operationally valid Reportorial Totality.
  4. The knowledge, Skills and attitude gathered in this pattern will keep him constantly aware of his objectives and his role as a Homoeopathic Physician. The Integration of above will keep him up-to-date about all fresh scientific developments and inculcating values of Continuous Medical Education.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) for Homoeopathic graduates

  1. Understanding basic concepts in Homoeopathy in relation to Man in health and Disease.
  2. Understanding the application of structure, function, pathology and its application in diagnosis.
  3. Understanding the concepts of Homoeopathic pharmacy, drug proving and homoeopathic Materia Medica with its utility in treatment.
  4. Understanding homoeopathic concept and its utility in treating man as a whole with humility.
  5. To develop and practice social and Professional ethical practices.