Program Outcomes Program Specific Outcomes And Course Outcomes For BHMS Program


BHMS 1st year


  1. A complete course of human anatomy with general working knowledge, different anatomical parts of the body. Emphasis should be laid down on the general anatomical positions and board relations of the viscera, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic’s.
  2. Familiar with the bones and their articulations including the vertebra, the skull and the manner of ossification of the long bones.
  3. The attachments of muscles sufficiently to understand their actions, the origin and insertion of every muscle.


  1. The purpose of a course in physiology is such that student should be able to describe the functions, processes and inter-relationship of the different organs and systems of the normal disturbance in disease and to equip the student with normal standards of reference for use while diagnosing and treating deviations from the normal.
  2. Understand all the chemico- physical processes in relation to human physiology.



  1. History of Pharmacy with emphasis on emergence of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.
  2. Concept of Official Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.
  3. Classification of Homoeopathic Medicines according to their Botanical and Zoological natural orders.
  4. The concept of Drug Dynamisation / potentization, Doctrine of signature, Posology (focus on basic principles; related aphorisms), Prescription (including abbreviations), Concept of placebo, and various routes of Homoeopathic drug administration and Dispensing of medicines.
  5. The concept of Drug Proving, Quality Control and Legislations Pertaining to Homoeopathic Pharmacy